6 Forest Personnel Injured in Tusker Attack

Baleswar: At least six forest department personnel were injured after being attacked by a wild elephant in Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary in Baleswar district.

The incident took place after a wild elephant entered Khumkhut village from nearby forest in the sanctuary area last night in search of food. The villagers were worried as the animal ate up and destroyed standing paddy crops.

On being informed by villagers, a team of forest officials along with Panchalingeswar Forester rushed to the site and attempted to drive away the pachyderm back into the deep forest, they said.

However, the wild elephant chased the forest team members and attacked them with its trunk. While the team members sustained injuries, their van was also damaged in the attack. Later, Kuldiha Forest Ranger along with his staff rushed to the area and kept watch on the movement of the elephant.

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