8 Arrested For Attacking Rationalists on Chandra Grahan

Bhubaneswar: The Kharvel Nagar police today arrested as many as eight persons for allegedly attacking rationalists who had organised a biryani feast in the city yesterday on the occasion of Lunar Eclipse.

Members of Bajrang Dal and some traditionalists had yesterday pelted stones at Lohia Academy in the city, where the rationalists had gathered to have biryani. Some persons present inside the building were injured in the incident.

The rationalists had organised the event, defying the Hindu tradition of avoiding cooked food on Chandra Grahan day. They said that the practice was baseless and consumption of food on the day of Lunar Eclipse has no negative effects. However, the act evoked sharp criticism from the traditionalists who accused the rationalists of hurting religious sentiments deliberately and launched attack on them.

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