Actress Jeena Samal Saffroned

Baleswar: Ollywood actress and popular album  star Jeena Samal and her husband Rudra Panigarahi have formally joined the Saffron Party, BJP today during a ‘Mishrana Parva’ in Baleswar. The couple embraced the Saffron party in presence of former union minister and Baleswar MP Pratap Sarangi. More than 80 people also joined BJP along with Jeena and Rudra. A Mishrana Parva was organized today at the Baleswar BJP office.

After joining the party, Jeena said, “I joined the BJP after being inspired by the work of Pratap Nana (Pratap Sarangi). I am also a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I want to do something for the public through politics.” She said cinema is her passion and profession but politics is all about determination, duty and work for the welfare of the society.

Upon asked whether she wants to get ticket for MLA or MP, she clarified “I haven’t joined politics with expectations for some positions.” Her husband Rudra said, I want to join politics and do something for the people of Odisha. An actor can act and serve people also.” After gaining fame in the world of albums, Geena entered Hollywood as a heroine through the movie ‘Feria Mo’ Sunabhooni’. Actor Rudra was later married to Jeena Samal.

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