Air pollution beyond severe in steel city

In a bid to make FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup (HWC) 2023, pollution free the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) has closed 21 sponge iron facilities in January which make the city happy and pollution free and now again as the industrial world starts, Rourkela city and its vicinity struggle with air and dust pollution, with industrial activities.

According to the sources,

between January 5 and 28 this year, the villagers briefly enjoyed a pollution-free environment as the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) ordered closure of all sponge iron plants in Kalunga and Kuanrmunda industrial clusters for the conduct of HWC at Rourkela, the co-host of the mega sporting event.

To make there path easy and pollution free and so to put their complain, on February 20, villagers under the banner of Kuanrmunda Nagarik Committee led by its convenor Rajesh Kerketta had sent a written complaint to Sundargarh collector Parag Harshad Gavali in this regard.

Previously there have been complaints of heavy pollution in Rourkela which is an industrialized region. As a result of the pollution, the residents have been facing issues with plants and houses in the city and adjoining areas are also getting affected.

The scene shows that apart from Kuanrmunda block headquarters, the worst-hit by air pollution are Pahartoli, Beldipa, Kalosihiria, Chadrihariharpur, Naikenbhala, Lanjiberna, Gobira and Purikhaman villages.

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