Archana Nag Meets Husband in Jail

Bhubaneswar: Archana Nag and her husband Jagabandhu Chand met each other in the Jharpara Special Jail in Bhubaneswar, where both are lodged. They, that is the two accused Archana and Jagabandhu met each other in the presence of the jail superintendent. Lady blackmailer Archana Nag’s husband Jagabandhu Chand had been picked up by the Commissionerate police on October 21, 2022 in the morning.

The Commisionerate police had formed a special squad for handling matters relating to Archana Nag, the much-talked-about female blackmailer. It is noteworthy that Jagabandhu had been picked up by the special squad of the police and taken to Khandagiri police station where he will be questioned further.

According to police sources, the main source of income for the woman and her husband was duping people. Popular film producers, businessmen and policemen have been conned by the woman. The woman had introduced herself as a lawyer.

She used to introduce herself and befriend rich people and then blackmail and con them on a regular basis. Archana Nag had recently filed a complaint in Bhubaneswar with the Laxmisagar police that she had been sexually assaulted by a leading Odia film producer. According to reports, the woman had also submitted some photographs supporting her claims.

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