‘BJP Politicising Naba Das Murder, Demoralising Police Force’

Bhubaneswar:  Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday made a statement in Odisha Assembly over the murder of Naba Kishore Das.

The death of Naba Kishore Das, former cabinet minister and a Hon’ble member of this House is deeply shocking and distressing. As we assemble in this house, Das and his family members are in our thoughts and prayers. In his death, we have lost a dear colleague and a dynamic leader, who was committed to the development of Odisha, particularly western Odisha, said the Chief Minister.

The CM said: ” On 29.01.2023 around 12:35 pm Naba Kishore Das, then Health Minister of the Government of Odisha, was fired at by an assistant sub-inspector of police, by one Gopal Das from his service weapon. Despite best efforts, Naba Kishore Das could not be saved.

In view of the very sensitive nature of this incident, a crime branch investigation was ordered immediately. To ensure transparency in the investigation, my government had requested the Honorable High Court to nominate one sitting/retired judge of HC to monitor the investigation of this case. The Hon’ble High Court nominated justice JP Das (retired) to monitor the investigation of the case.

The Crime Branch has been asked to do a thorough and scientific investigation to establish the truth in the case. The crime branch has taken services of the best forensic experts in the country in this case. The state forensic science laboratory, the central forensic science laboratory at New Delhi and the Gujrat state forensic science laboratory at Gandhi Nagar are assisting the Odisha Crime Branch.”

Based on the witness examination and the interrogation of the accused person, a psychiatric evaluation of Gopal Das has been carried out by a Board consisting of four psychiatric experts. Besides, to examine whether the accused is telling the truth or is being deceptive, he has been subjected to forensic psychological assessment and layered voice analysis test by experts from the central forensic science laboratory, New Delhi, the CM said and added that he was also subjected to narco-analysis by experts at the Gujarat state forensic science Laboratory to detect deception or any additional Clue. So, all possible steps are being taken and the Best experts are being consulted.

The State Crime Branch is seeking the help of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation of the United States of America, as they have the best expertise In behavioral analysis in such cases. We have requested the ministry of home affairs, Government of India to facilitate an evaluation of the behavior of the accused by the behavioral Support unit of the FBI of the United States of America. I want to reassure the house that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring a full, fair and open Investigation in the case with the assistance of the Best forensic experts in India and abroad, he added.

However, in the aftermath of this terrible Incident, the manner in which this very sensitive case is being politicised has shocked me as well as the people of Odisha. It is disturbing to see the baseless and malicious allegations that are being made.

The Chief Minister further stated that the Independent judiciary is one of the strongest pillars of our democracy. After the Hon’ble High Court has appointed a retired high court judge to monitor the investigation of the case, the whole police investigation will be subjected to judicial scrutiny. So, what is the need to do politics in the case and make baseless and malicious allegations?

We should all respect and have faith in our Independent judiciary.

“India has been a democracy for more than 75 Years. Odisha has a tradition of a very mature and High level of political discourse. The level of Political discourse, in this case, is disturbing. Politics on a sensitive crime is not a good sign for our democracy.

I am deeply shocked that the accused of this heinous crime is a policeman. The accused officer has been immediately dismissed from service and All efforts will be made to bring him to justice.

However, I am disturbed at the statements made by some leaders of the opposition party especially the state BJP on the entire police force. I pity, the opposition, especially the state BJP that has no other agenda except politicising heinous crimes and demoralising our police force which is the pride of Orissa.”

“These unfortunate tragic incidents involving an Individual in uniformed service have happened in the past whether, the army or central paramilitary forces, but it has never led to the defaming of the entire force. Our country always stands by our brave forces. Unfortunately, the state BJP has tried to defame the entire police force of Odisha. The State BJP has insulted the youth of Odisha and people will not forgive them for this.

The entire Police force has been unreasonably termed as criminals based on the act of a single policeman. This is an insult to the 90,000 police and Home guard personnel who are young Odia boys and girls and to their family members. This betrays political opportunism and complete insensitivity towards the hundreds of police personnel who Have laid down their lives in the line of duty in the last two decades fighting left-wing extremists and Working night and day for the safety and security Of the state and citizens. The ODRAF jawans of Odisha Police and the personnel of the fire department have rendered yeoman service during the natural calamities and disasters risking their own lives to safeguard the life and property of the countrymen.”

“I take pride in the laurels they have brought For us in our state and in the other parts of our country. As a mature democracy, we should refrain from unwarranted demonising and vilifying of the essential organs of our state and polity. Assaulting a lady police officer on duty by a Person holding high constitutional post is Deplorable and disgraceful. Odisha has always Respected its women and will never forgive this Shameful behaviour. There are various issues we can disagree, debate, argue and dispute. But never should we do politics on a sensitive issues. My government’s only aim will be to bring the perpetrators of such crime to justice and give the strictest Punishment. People of oOdisha have trusted me with responsibility, time and again, and I continue to Uphold their faith without fear or favour. I once again express my deepest condolences to the bereaved family,” concluded the CM.

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