Delhi march: Farmers’ grievances

Farmers from different parts of the country have gathered at Delhi, knocking at the door of Parliament. They have certain grievances which they want to convey to the government.

Farmers demand remunerative prices for their produce and freedom from debt. A pamphlet distributed by the activists details their grievances. It says farmers get only Rs 5 per kilo for tomato while consumers pay Rs 30.Similar rates for moog dal, apple and milk has been shown to make their point. The pamphlet says: Our life is also cheap. In the past 20 years over 3 lakh farmers have committed suicide.

Protesting farmers demand a special session of Parliament on agrarian crisis to pass 2 bills: one pertaining to one time full loan waiver, the other for an institutional measure to ensure farmers are not pushed into debt again.

They also demand implementation of Swaminathan Commission recommendations that say the minimum support price should be fixed at 50% above comprehensive cost of production.

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