Diptesh Foreign Trips Questioned

Bhubaneswar (Reporters Today Bureau): Chief Minister Naveen Pattanaik’s call for transparency and honesty is being ignored by the officials of the Home Department. The Student Congress has made such a complaint by presenting proof of IPS officer Diptesh Patnaik’s comfort and foreign travel in a press meet in Delhi.

Diptesh Patnaik’s social media account also has a lot of photos and videos of his travels abroad. Students Congress has complained that Diptesh is traveling abroad twice a month. Students Congress has raised this question by showing media representatives the photos and videos of IPS officers’ foreign visits.

  • Who gives permission to go abroad twice a month?
  • Who gives leave, who approves leave?
  • It is difficult for senior administrative officers to get 2 vacations in a year.
  • How does Diptesh Patnaik gets 2 holidays in a month?

The Students Congress has surrounded the government regarding the foreign visit of a government official. The government does not know anything about Diptesh Patnaik or is deliberately ignoring it. Diptesh is not only traveling abroad, but his official residence is also decorated like a luxury hotel. The students’ congress questioned how this is possible without the permission of the government. On the other hand, the former DG of Police Sanjeev Marik said, an IPS officer cannot discharge his duties properly if he goes on leave frequently.

The Students’ Congress has raised questions about how he was promoted despite the commission of inquiry against him when he was serving as the SP in Rourkela. IPS officer Diptesh Patnaik’s response is not yet obtained.

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