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Docs at city hospital remove LED bulb from infant’s bronchus

Bhubaneswar, Nov 9: Doctors at the Apollo Hospital’s ENT Department here have successfully removed a LED bulb from the left main bronchus of an eight months old baby girl recently.

The infant had ingested the foreign body into the airway.

She was brought from Brajrajnagar, Odisha after developing cough and difficulty in breathing.

 An x ray was done there where the foreign body was noticed but could not be removed at their centre.

  While attending the baby the doctors at Apollo found that the child was medically stable but was irritable. After going through the reports and examining the patient, the doctors were surprised with the led bulb in the left main bronchus in such a small child.

The child was immediately shifted to Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. After few blood tests she was shifted to the operation theatre.

A team of ENT doctors comprising Dr S Gupta, Dr S K Pradhan, and Dr K K Jena, and Anesthetist Dr Jitendu Mohanty faced lot of difficulties while removing the foreign body as the child was very small with a narrow airway.

They could not negotiate the ventilating bronchoscope (instrument used for foreign body removal from bronchus) because of the narrow windpipe and the oxygen level of the child was going down quickly.

Finally with an optical forceps one wire of the led bulb was caught and removed slowly.

 The child was shifted back to PICU after the procedure where she was managed by Dr P K Dey. She was discharged the very next day in stable conditions.

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