Ekamra Plaza to make Bhubaneswar more live able

Bhubaneswar: Ekamra Plaza, the gateway to the Old City from the centre of the State Capital, is getting ready to come out as a major attraction for the city dwellers and visitors to the historic city.

The plaza, which would act as a bridging link between the two parts of the Temple City, is part of the 5.8 km-long Smart Janpath Project of the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited, will be an example of creative design for a live able city. It will be a space where citizens young and old can chat with each other or just relax among plants and flowers.

Soon thereafter, another urban space for relaxation will come up near Master Canteen Square with a view to encourages the young and old to relax and let lose their creativity.

Murals on walls along the Priority Road Network, public toilets, cultural activities in the Old City, heritage conservation, heritage walks, activities of the local artisans who produce beautiful art and crafts would also come as elements in this Creative City.

The Creative City is a concept developed by Australian David Yencken in 1988.

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