EOW cracks another online Ponzi scam 

Economic Offences Wing arrested accused persons namely 1.Sachin Pal,

2.Ankush Singh and 3.Kuldeep from Vijaynagar PS area, Ghaziabad, U.P in

connection with EOW PS Case No.22 dt.13.12.2022 U/s 419/420/467/468/471/120-B IPC,

r/w Sec.66 (C) & (D) of IT Act, 2000. After arrest, accused persons were produced before

the Hon’ble Court of CJM, Ghaziabad and were brought to Bhubaneswar on 03 days

transit remand for their production before the Hon’ble Court of SDJM, Bhubaneswar.

The above noted case wasregistered consequent upon an enquiry made on

the allegation of one Parthasarathi Pattnaik against a digital marketing channel registered

as www.r46.in that was cheating the general public in the name of giving extra income

through digital marketing. After receiving a whatsapp message the above named

Parthasarathi Pattnaik came in contact with a person who induced him to create an

account in the above website and also to purchase items virtually on the website for

which he would be getting some lucrative commission of 15% to 20% on the product

price. Being induced, he invested Rs.6.5 Lakhs through this website, and his total

commission along with invested amount was being reflected as Rs.7.31 lakhsin the wallet

of the website. But, when he wanted to withdraw the amount, the same was not allowed.

The website had a telegram channel “eBay Official work channel No.7” with a rolling

subscriber base of more than 65 thousand members.

It was found that the fraudsters have developed the fake website i.e.

www.r46.in for digital marketing and used to contact the general public through

whatsapp inducing them to log in the website for extra income in way of commission of

15-20% for buying digitally any kind of products from the leading websites like e-bay.com,

amazon, shopee, zomato, paypal, google, phonepe, flipkart etc. for which they have to

create an wallet with the website and then link the wallet with the bank account in order

to recharge or withdraw the money. The recharge should be made through UPI IDs only

given in the website. Once the wallet is recharged, the tutor of the fake website would

assign some task i.e. to buy virtually the products through different websites by

depositing the cost thereof. Once the victim buyer completes the task by depositing the

amount towards the cost of the product, the wallet of the website will show the total

amount accrued to the buyer. Seeing the amount growing day by day in the wallet for

every e-buying, the victim buyer gets induced to invest more. But, when the victim tries

to withdraw the amount will find the withdrawal facility has been blocked. In this way,

the fraudsters have cheated thousands of innocent people throughout the country and

the fraud amount runs in Crores.

It was found on investigation, the website www.r46.in is a fake website

developed by the fraudsters which is reportedly managed from outside Nations. In order

to cheat the general public in the name of giving extra income, they do ask the innocent

victims to log in to the website and to purchase the product virtually of renowned

websites, they are asked to recharge the wallet by transferring the amount through given

UPI IDs. The money ultimately lands in different mule accounts hired by the fraudsters for

some minimal amounts. They used hundreds of shell companies/mule accounts to make

a complex layer of money transaction and finally they misappropriated the amount.

The arrested accused Sachin Pal and Ankush Singh, both have the

educational qualification of B-Com. let their bank accounts to be hired for consideration

of some thousands of rupees to be used for transaction ill gotten money. They hand over

their Sim cards linked to the accounts to accused Kuldeep, who is an agent of the

fraudsters having the educational qualification of M.C.A. He used to hire the bank

accounts to further hand over those to the fraudsters operating from Rajasthan for the

illegal channelization of money for a monthly remuneration of Rs.30,000/- .

As found Rs.3.32 lakhs and Rs.1.5 lakhs have illegal been transacted from

the amount deposited by the victim Parthasarathi Pattnayak.

During investigation, the mobile phones of the accused persons containing

many incriminating materials have been seized.

The investigation of the case is on.

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