Govt employees to get advance to buy EVs

To execute the Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, the Department of Finance has issued guidelines for sanction the amount in advance for purchase of electric vehicle by the Government employees.

As per the order, Odisha government will pay an advance amounting to 75% of the cost of such vehicles to its employees.

Finance department state that, the government would pay advance amount to its group A, B, C and categories of employees to purchase electric vehicles. While the advance would be paid to group A and B employees to purchase electric cars, the group C and D staff would be eligible for electric two-wheelers.

Briefing more it was also stated that, the group A and B employees are eligible to get 75% of the cost of electric cars or maximum Rs 15 lakh towards advance. Similarly, the group C and D employees would be paid 75% of the cost of electric two-wheelers or maximum Rs 2 lakh towards advance.

Following the deduction of the advance amount the department said it will be the salary of the beneficiaries in 100 monthly equal instalments.

In a bid to clear the future course it is marked that if the Government employee retires or expires without payment of full amount of loan, the residual amount will be recovered from their arrear salary bill, leave salary bill, pension, commutation pension or gratuity before its disbursements.

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