Hyderabad student arrested for killing model Mansi Dixit

Muzammil Syed, a 19-year-old student accused in the murder of model Mansi Dixit on Monday, had allegedly assaulted his mother three years ago, but the family hushed it up, said neighbours, who did not wish to be identified, and security guard of his building, Al Ohad, in Millat Nagar at Andheri (West).

The family had moved to Hyderabad and visited Mumbai during vacation. Syed’s father, Hasan, worked in a private firm, while his mother was a homemaker. Syed was their adopted son. Jamal Ansari, 48, who has been working as security guard of the building for the past 22 years and has seen Syed since childhood, said, “Three years ago, society members spoke about how he assaulted his mother, which led to a head injury. People went to his home to inquire, but she said she had dashed into the cupboard”.

Recounting the moments before he left home with the suitcase, Ansari said, “Around 2:30pm, Syed came down with a huge bag. A cab was waiting on the premises. He put the bag in boot of the car, and sat on front seat. I watched him till the car left the building.” “I did not see the girl enter the building as she might have taken the other gate. The lane towards Syed’s apartment has strong CCTV surveillance. Police will be scanning the footage,” he said.

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