IDCO Corruption Returns

Bhubaneswar (Surjit Kumar Dhal): The blackdeeds of IDCO still continues in Puri district after Bhubaneswar. The general manager of Puri DIC office Mr. Panda creates a black empire by brokering IDCO plots to ineligible parties.

The shocking thing happened in Kurki area under Puri district. Mr.Panda is all in all to allocate plots to anyone at anywhere in his territory with out giving propper information to IDCO. Another schoking thing is that the IDCO officials are completely unaware about the happenings.

In the recent development, Mr. Panda accompanied by Anand Glass owner and with some other persons today made measurement of the disputed plots. IDCO Director Hemant Sharma is completely unaware about all these things.

Previously one retired IDCO official Pusparaj Pradhan and some others were in the headline for such alleged black deeds. The question arising here that where is 5T. The Puri administration and IDCO must look into this matter for making our system corruption free.

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