Joy of Serving in the HR fuctionary

So what is the most vital competency of any HR professional? Well, the debate is still on, but one that stands undisputed is certainly- Compassion. How does one describe the competency of Compassion? In simple words, it is the ‘The joy of Serving’others.

Some of the key fundamentals:

We need to quickly realize that Employees are our clients and we as a function exist to serve them as organizations exist to serve external clients. Unfortunately, it has become a trend to treat employees as a pain and a general belief that they are all eternal cribbers.

In our zeal to become business partners, we have missed the point that we are still a service function.

The Joy of Serving doesn’t mean we have to bend backward for everything and everybody. It is not about ensuring that the end results are positive in favor of the employees, it is about being fair and  playing by the rules.

Being assertive is not the opposite of Joy of Serving, but there is a fine line between being rude and   being firm. Some situations may demand us to be firm / assertive with our stakeholders and we shouldn’t hesitate if the situation demands.

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