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Nat Geo’s starts new show explaining science behind ‘stupid acts’ from Feb 18

(Surjit Dhal New Delhi, Feb 17): A new season of a show on the National Geographic, explaining the science behind some of the most “misadventures of people”, including motorbike crashes and trampoline mishaps, is all set to delight audience again.

‘Science of Stupid’ is a popular series designed especially for younger audiences and strives to make complex principles of science fun and easy to comprehend.

                 “The new season of the show that explains the science behind some of the most jaw-dropping acts of stupidity, in a funny and highly informative manner, will premiere on National Geographic on February 18 and will air every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm,” the channel said. The series will be available on Hotstar as well, it said.

                 “The new season will once again witness popular host Maniesh Paul explaining to viewers the science behind misadventures of people – from motorbike crashes and trampoline mishaps to unexpected explosions and novice lumber jacking,” the channel said in a statement.

                 The idea is to bring science in an interesting, quirky and easy-to-understand manner. Launched in 2014, the show will take its viewers a step closer to all the scientific facts hidden in common and not-so-common experiences, and decode the science behind our everyday activities, it said.

By revealing the science theories at play behind people’s “misguided adventurers”, the show promises to be an extremely entertaining and educating treat for viewers.

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