Odisha: Actress alleges harassment by director

Bhubaneswar: High-voltage drama unfolded in a hotel here last night during the audio release of an upcoming Ollywood film ‘Tu Mo Suna Chadhei’. The lead actress of the film, Elsa Ghosh, leveled mental harassment allegations against director Dilip Panda in front of the media after the director tried to snatch away the microphone from her hands.

In the video that has been going viral on social media as well as the mainstream TV channels, shows an irate Elsa along with her father screaming at the director of the film. “Don’t touch my daughter”, says Elsa’s father as Panda tried to snatch away the mic from the actress’ hand during the audio release. Meanwhile, Elsa can be seen shouting on top of her lungs and saying, “I am not a property. You are bringing an actress from West Bengal and are torturing her mentally for days.”

Soon after the scuffle, a mild physical altercation ensued between the two parties after which Elsa said, “How dare he touch me? He can go and touch women in his home, but not me.”

Later in the evening, Panda was seen apologizing to the media persons for causing delay in the event. He also said, “I have got this girl from West Bengal and given her such a huge role but from this incident it is clear that film direction is a thankless job.”

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