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Odisha: Cluster approach to promote agri production

Bhubaneswar,07-11-2018: Chief Ministaer Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday launched a  programme to establish agriculture production clusters(APCs) in tribal regions of the State. The move aims to raise farm productivity and marketable volumes of selected agricultural commodities in specified geographic clusters, particularly highlands.

Around 150 farmers will be organized into one producer group(PG) who will be helped to produce identified crops(especially horticulture crops) covering around 40 acres.Similarly,20-25 PGs will be aggregated to form Agriculture Production Cluster/Producer Company at appropriate level.

Around one lakh farmers will come under this programme. The cost of project is estimated at Rs 401.60 crore to be shared by the Agriculture Department, APICOL, BRLF (Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation) and participating NGOs.

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