Odisha to probe over presence of formalin in Andhra fishes

After the presence of cancer-causing chemical formalin content found in the imported fish, the Assam government has banned import and sale of fish from Andhra Pradesh, the Odisha Government has decided to examine samples in order to detect presence of  formalin, a cancer-inducing chemical which is used to keep dead fish fresh.

 The Fish samples imported from Andhra Pradesh will be examined in laboratory and for this purpose an expert team will be constituted.

Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Minister Pradeep Maharathy said “Secretary, Directorate of Fisheries to conduct an inquiry into the matter and submit a report. On the basis of the report, necessary action will be taken.

Formalin is used for the preservation of biological specimens and embalming, which is a funeral custom of treating human remains to delay their decomposition.

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