PM Modi is biggest contender for Nobel Peace Prize: Asle

Showering lots of rich words for Narendra Modi, Deputy leader of the Nobel Prize Committee Asle Toje said that PM Modi is the biggest contender for the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of the 2024 election. Toje added that powerful leader like Modi has tremendous ability to establish peace.

Asle declares India as a superpower and advises leaders across World TO BE LIKE PM MODI. If we move forward to take India to top of the world in every sphere then it is possible only with PM Modi as PM Modi today is the most reliable face of peace in the world. He has become a fan of PM Modi.

Continuing further he said that PM Modi is the most trusted leader who can  stop  war among countries and establish peace. He said that India is becoming a rich-powerful country because of the policies of PM Modi. It will be historic if most deserving leader PM Modi wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Praising PM Modi, he said that Modi deserves to be an ambassador of peace for the world and a Nobel peace Prize is an ideal case as the way he led from the front during COVID-19 and saved the World at the same time even during the recent earthquake in Turkey is simply outstanding.

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