Samsung to launch fordable smart phones this year

After the reports coming in that Huawei is working overtime to be the first smartphone manufacturer to bring a truly foldable smartphone, Samsung might have all the reasons to speed up the production of its flexible handset. In an interview, Samsung’s mobile division CEO confirmed the company is looking to introduce its first foldable Galaxy as early as this year. Reportedly, the firm made a survey asking consumers if they want a foldable smartphone and the answers were positive. So here’s another reason.

This statement contradicts the initial rumors of a foldable Galaxy being announced early next year but it comes in line with the production schedule of the foldable OLEDs. Koh didn’t disclose anything specific about the device. He only said that Samsung Developers Conference 2018, which is set for November 7-8 in San Francisco, could be when the announcement takes place. Moreover, Koh promised that the device will have added functions when it’s unfolded so it can give a reason for early adopters to buy it. Earlier this year, a promise was made that it won’t be a gimmick but a real finished product.

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