Sona Mohapatra accuses Kailash Kher of sexual misconduct

Bhubaneswar: Sona Mohapatra spilled the beans on her #MeToo moment, accusing fellow singer Kailash Kher of having harassed her.

A few other women, including a journalist, had accused him of sexual misconduct recently.

Sona posted about Kher’s alleged misconduct in a series of tweets. She claimed that Kher placed his hand on her thigh while she once met him to discuss a ‘forthcoming concert’

She said Kher did not at that. On her way to the venue in Dhaka, he allegedly kept calling her and later asked her join him in his room.

She further tweeted, “The fact that Kailash had sung in my studios and for many projects in which I was the producer and knew me to be as strong as I am or that he had only recently taken a favour from my partner Ram Sampath to create a personal track for him didn’t stop him”.

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