Soon WhatsApp to get dark mode

California: WhatsApp has been busy testing and developing new features on its app in the past few weeks. The Facebook-owned company even rolled out some of these features like fingerprint lock and group privacy settings for Android and iPhone users. However, there’s a huge chunk of features which are still being developed and are yet to be released for users.

Possibly the most popular and awaited feature is dark mode on WhatsApp. Dark mode has been spotted on several beta updates of WhatsApp for Android and iPhones. A recent report by WABetaInfo even confirmed WhatsApp dark mode is almost ready for release. WhatsApp is also working on other interesting features like self-destructing messages. We take a look at the upcoming features on WhatsApp.

Dark mode

Dark mode is well-known to every WhatsApp user by now. Dark mode has also been adopted by popular apps like Twitter, YouTube and Gmail. Even smartphone makers are implementing system-wide dark mode in the latest updates. As for WhatsApp, dark mode has been rumoured for almost two years now. New updates showed development of dark mode on WhatsApp but the feature is yet to be released. Although dark mode is almost ready it isn’t available even for public beta users.

Self-destructing messages

This feature is already available on messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp is however working on it now and it could roll out very soon. Self-destructing messages on WhatsApp will be called ‘Delete messages” and it will be available for one-to-one and group chats. Users can set time intervals from 1 hour to even 1 year for messages to self-destruct in chats.

Multiple-device support

WhatsApp is also working on multiple-device support. This would allow users to use one WhatsApp account on more than one device. At present users can use one WhatsApp account on one device. Multiple-device support for WhatsApp will be available with registration notifications which users will get while trying to log in to another device.

Hide muted status

As the name suggests, this feature will let users hide muted status completely on WhatsApp. At present WhatsApp lets users mute status updates but they don’t disappear completely from the screen. This feature will hide muted status under a separate tab which makes the whole point of muting status even more convenient.

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