Spy suspect, pigeon with çamera fitted on leg caught in Odisha

A Probe has begun after a Spy pigeon spotted by fishermen in Odisha coast. A pigeon was observed circling the shore with a camera and macrochip on its legs.

According to the source, The police are suspecting that the bird was being used for spying as there was also a text written in an unknown language on the wings of the bird.

Some fishermen found the pigeon perched on their trawler a few days ago. The bird was captured and handed over to the marine police on Wednesday.

“Our veterinarians will examine the bird. We will seek help of the State Forensic Science Laboratory for examining the devices attached to its legs. It appears that the devices are a camera and a microchip,” Jagatsinghpur Superintendent of Police Rahul PR told media.

It also seems like something has been scribbled on the wings of the bird in a language unknown to the local police.

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