State to put ray of tourism spotlight on koraput district, on it’s way to become wedding destination

As we all know that Koraput is one of the most preferred tourist destinations and now the place will also be known for perfect wedding destination as state government is working on it.

The place will be seen as perfect wedding destination both nationally and internationally, said regional director of India Tourism Sagnik Chowdhury .

“Koraput is one of the 50 destinations in the country chosen for promotion as part of India’s new destination-focused tourism policy under the redesigned Swadesh Darshan scheme, which was announced by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the Union budget” said Sagnik Chowdhury .

Chowdhury added, that the project report for Koraput under SD2.0 will be prepared by the state government and sent to the Ministry of Tourism where the steering committee will decide on what elements to be finalised in the scheme.

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