Students, Teachers Attacked By Honey Bees

Kendujhar: Appearing for the matric examination came at a huge cost after over 50 students and teachers were attacked by honey bees at the exam centre in Harichandanpur in Kendujhar district today. Two of them, including teacher Kishore Chandra Mohanty and student Biswanath Juanga, were grievously hurt.

As per reports, the students and teachers were going to their exam centre at HarichandanpurBalika High School for the ongoing matric examination when they were attacked by a swarm of honey bees. While they tried to run to safety, one of the teachers and students got bitten severely and fell to the ground. Later, they were given preliminary treatment before the student could take the exam.

School sources said students were stung by the bees but had to take the test amid searing pain as they are not allowed to go outside during the exam hours.

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