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The Real Picture of Ruling Party

Bhubaneswar (Rajesh Sahu): It is said that Odisha is growing in all sectors due to the hard work of CM Naveen Patnaik. The state was once called the land of hunger. But that is history today. Odisha now implementing Mission Shakti for women, Kalia Yojana for farmers, meals on Rs-5 for the poor, and many other poverty elimination programs in the State. Bhubaneswar Smart City has been recognized as one of the developed cities in the country. The state is on the verge of development, because of Naveen’s clean image and sincere efforts. The picture of the state has been changed. The state is on the path to prosperity.

Naveen’s personal life is very much simple. Therefore, BJD organizing secretary Pranab Prakash Das says Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is always worried about the poor. When someone approaches Naveen, he greets him warmly. Although he is chief minister, he doesn’t own any luxury vehicles. He also refused to take the red light, a symbol of nobility. He also instructed ministers not to use red light and to lead a normal life, which has made Naveen even more popular.

But the party’s leaders, ministers, and workers have been reluctant to accept Guruvani and the chief minister’s simple life. This is about living a luxurious life by ignoring Naveen’s instructions. Almost all the leaders and ministers of the party have palaces along with expensive vehicles. Ministers and leaders like Naba Das, Pramila Mallick, Muktikanta Mandal and many more have buses, trucks, luxurious cars, buildings, and a huge amount of bank balances. Even BJD student leaders and workers are riding expensive cars and own crores of rupees.

How can a boss not aware of the royal living of his party workers, if the leader is actually living a clean, quiet life and instructing others to live like that? If he knows, why not takes action? Where did the luxurious vehicles come from? How can a people’s representative, who is called people’s servant, become a millionaire while the general public spends the day in Rs-1 rice and with hunger? Or are the leaders of the ruling party looting the public by wearing the mask of the clean image?

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