Worldwide Forces to counter Russian and Chechnya Forces in Ukraine  

8 March 2022: Ukraine is getting war-ready as world leaders shuttle between capitals to strike peace. The Russia-Ukraine war has brought massive changes in Europe. As the war is in a continuing state, 3000 US veterans and 17000 foreign fighters from 27 nations including India are ready to counter Russian and Chechnyan forces in Ukraine as it is legal in Ukraine to hire foreign fighters.

The foreign fighters are given 3-year contracts according to which those who complete the contract are given citizenship. A defense force of volunteers from all over the world have are now in Ukraine. The Georgian Legion is helping pave the way for recruits to get these contracts.

Soldiers are gearing up for war. Russia’s image is now in question. New heroes are said to be emerging from Ukraine. In sheer numbers, the Ukrainians are no match for the Russians.

Ukraine has NATO support with a clear caveat.

NATO allies call on Russia to immediately cease its military actions and withdraw its forces from in and around Ukraine. NATO might not send its soldiers to Ukraine but citizens in NATO countries and many others are volunteering to fight. The U.S. and European allies have provided military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and imposed sweeping actions on Russia’s biggest financial institutions.

The Georgian Nation Legion, is a paramilitary force, supporting the Ukrainian military. These are foreign fighters who used to be a front-line unit in the eastern Donbas region. With the threat of the Russian invasion looming, the force has been reactivated. US and UK’s ex-army officers have now joined hands with the Ukraine forces.

The legion has enlisted soldiers from 27 countries including the United States, Australia, Germany, the UK, Mexico, France, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, and Georgia. The trainers claim that they have hundreds of applications coming up on a daily basis who can join up here earlier.

The clearance took up to 4 months but the government has since streamed lined the process as it readies its defenses to take on an aggressive Russia. The commander MamukaMamulashvili is the veteran of four conflicts against Russia. Mamuka receives hundreds of requests for potential recruits every day. He also claims that he has been getting applications from India who want to join the war in Ukraine.

This support comes as a major morale booster for the people of Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens are joining forces. From teenagers to the elderly have picked up arms. They say it’s not a choice but a necessity to protect their families and their independence against Russian aggression and that this war has been thrust upon them.

As Russian forces are advancing on strategic points, Ukrainian authorities called on compatriots to use “Guerilla Tactics” and launched a guerilla war against Russian forces.

Russian forces are up for a tough fight. As long as the war goes on, Russian forces are up for a lot of losses in the process. Russia is slowly being stuck inside Ukraine and soon there will be no way for Russia to get out of there.

During the attack on Crimea, Russia has posted its army in Donetsk and Luhansk of Ukraine which was not official. But Russia’s retired Army General was training and providing weapons to people. Now NATO is doing the exact same thing.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister has now joined hands with America’s Foreign Minister at Ukraine-Poland Border. Elon Musk’s Starlink company’s satellite bands have reached Kyiv (Capital of Ukraine) and the officials in Kyiv are interacting now with the inside of America. As per data, America, Russia, and Western NATO are now in a cold war.

Report by- SushreeSusmitaNayak

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