Yoga:Don’t know whrere to start?

For somebody who wants to get the many known benefits of yoga but does not know where to start , her are a few pointers:

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and contrary to the Western way of thinking, traditionally, yoga has not been all about the pose.

In fact, yoga’s physical element is a relatively recent addition to the ancient practice. “Yoga is about the breath,” says Jenay Rose, a  Yoga Teacher. “The hardest part is showing up, so if you can just master breathing, you’re practicing.”

And simply mastering breathing can pay off dividends when it comes to your health. One 2014 study published in Medical Science Monitor Basic Research found that a single, 25-minute guided protocol of alternate nostril yoga breathing significantly decreased blood pressure and breathing rate in  volunteers with high blood pressure.

This type of meditative breathing, when combined with physical movement, can help manage stress, depression, and anxietyimprove mood, and enhance quality of sleep. Not to mention, the poses, or asanas, used during physical yoga practices can increase flexibility, improve balance,co-ordination and strength.

Yoga studios are traditionally where aspiring students go to learn the practice. But they’re not the only available option for instruction. These days almost all large gyms offer yoga classes, and with the availability of smartphones and streaming video services, you can access online classes from just about anywhere.

There are pros and cons to each option. If you already have a gym membership, you can often access classes at no additional cost. Many of these instructors are highly-qualified, although you might also get some new instructors looking to build their experience and skills.

Yoga studios, on the other hand, are often home to highly-qualified instructors who focus primarily on yoga. Studios also offer a wide range of classes staggered throughout the day. However, yoga studios tend to be more expensive, and for some people, they can feel more intimidating.

Online classes or DVDs are an excellent and affordable option for those who don’t have a teacher nearby.

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